Rebuild Exchange 2010 Search Index

Issue: users are complaining of emails not showing up in search and you’ve determined you need to rebuild Exchange 2010’s search index.


  1. Launch Exchange Management Shell as administrator (right click run as administrator)
  2. Type in the following in-order to get the names of the databases.
  3.  Copy the name of the database you’d like to rebuild.
  4.  Browse to the scripts directory by typing the following:
     cd “program files\microsoft\exchange server\v14\scripts”
  5. Enter the following command to rebuild:
     ResetSearchIndex.ps1 “Mailbox Database 1”

    Note: specify your desired database name instead of “Mailbox Database 1”

And that’s pretty much it! – Get the users to perform a full reboot.. That or just close and re-open outlook.

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