Add an email account to Outlook

These steps are the same whether you’re adding your first email account or additional email accounts to Outlook. Select File > Add Account. What you see next depends on your version of Outlook.For Outlook for Microsoft 365 and Outlook 2016 Enter your email address and click Connect. If prompted, enter your password again, […]

Remote Desktop Authentication Error Has Occurred. The function requested is not supported

Error: An authentication error has occurred. The function requested is not supported Remote computer: <computer name=””> This could be due to CredSSP encryption oracle remediation. For more information, see https:/   Since the Microsoft Security Patch on Tuesday, we’ve received many reports of users having connection problems like this:    […]

The Application was unable to start correctly 0xc0000142

The error 0xc0000142 is shown on your computer when you try to launch a program. This error code is shown a long with the message that says The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000142). Below is the simple fix, that I was able to Fix. Running the application in […]

The Module DLL exppw.dll failed to load

Issues:   Remove the exppw.dll entry from applicationhost.cofig (c:\windows\system32\inetsrv\config)Note: Remember take a backup before you remove the line. Then registered the exppw.dll by following the below steps: IIS Manager -> Select the Server Name in the left Pane -> Open Modules in the middle pane. Click on ‘Configure Native Modules’ […]

The Top IT Tools, and where to get them!

In today’s post we’re going to take a closer look at 23 cmd-line tools that I find absolutely vital as a Windows sysadmin, Exchange admin, and general trouble-shooter. Each is free as in beer, many are free as in speech, and all can just sit somewhere in your path to […]

How to import a SSL Certificate in Exchange 2013

Place the cert on the C’ Drive, in the root folder Open up Exchange Powershell (Run as Administrator) – they run the command below. Import-ExchangeCertificate -FileData ([Byte[]]$(Get-Content -Path “C:\FILE_LOCATION.cer” -Encoding byte -ReadCount 0)) |Enable-ExchangeCertificate -Services IIS, POP, IMAP You


Issue: Can’t connect to Printer, Error: 0x0000000a Strange one, Seems to always happen on Windows 7.. but its a pretty simple fix. Solution: Delete your printer driver Open up “services” Turn off Print Spooling Wait 10 Seconds..(Actually count) Turn on Print Spooling Add the printer again, and you should be […]

Slow Hyper-V Guest Network Performance

Steps to rectify this issue: Since Broadcom has VMQ enabled by default, I disable it in the configuration properties of all my physical adapters assigned to my guests, in the advanced tab. Intel NIC owners need not do this step, as Intel has it disabled by default. On Hyper-V host, […]

Rebuild Exchange 2010 Search Index

Issue: users are complaining of emails not showing up in search and you’ve determined you need to rebuild Exchange 2010’s search index. Steps: Launch Exchange Management Shell as administrator (right click run as administrator) Type in the following in-order to get the names of the databases. get-mailboxdatabase  Copy the name […]